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Net. Wt. 6.5 oz

Light Aroma of Freshly Picked Mint 


Anti-Aging avocado antioxidants like vitamins C and E can fight free radicals which damage the skin. The oleic acid in avocados can reach the second layer of the skin and nourish it well to prevent wrinkles triggered by dryness.


Our Natural Avocado Body Bars can reduce both radiation-induced cellular damage and skin inflammation. Bathe regularly with our all natural Avocado Body Bars, it can help enhance DNA repair of the skin after sun exposure. 


If you’re looking to alleviate the symptoms of Psoriasis which can cause dry, flaky, red, and crusty skin, our AVOCADO Body Bars are made with real AVOCADOS and is Vitamin-Rich, effectively reducing the severity of the skin irritation caused by psoriasis. 


Use our AVOCADO Body Bars for glowing, healthy skin that looks clear, plump and radiant.