Purpose Deeply Nourishing & Strengthening Herbal Conditioner

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Deeply Nourishing, Natural Herbal Conditioner

Net Wt. 8.0 oz
Purpose is an excellent choice for rejuvenating and restoring your hair and scalp for healthiness and balance.
Purpose is formulated to provide nourishment and moisture to hair follicles and will help make your hair more full, healthier, and stronger.
Purpose is great for natural hair and can help address conditions such as dandruff, shedding, scalp irritation, thinning hair, dry hair, chemically damaged hair, and split ends.
Directions: Apply a desired amount of conditioner to the palm of your hand and massage onto the scalp and hair for 2~3 min. For deep conditioning, leave in hair for 20 min. under heat, such as a hair dryer. Rinse with cool water. 
This is a natural product and contains herbal extracts. Please consult a physician if you are pregnant or using certain medications.