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Net Wt. 2.0 Oz

Essential Body Butter

“Now in a PUMP “



This body butter helps to relieve inflammation and is an excellent alternative to traditional pain medication. 


Experience the “Butterfly Effect” and watch your Body and Skin transform with this All-Natural, Holistic, Essential Oil, Vitamin-Rich and Mineral Packed Body Butter!


Our Essential Body Butter is non-greasy and has both a warming and cooling effect that penetrates deep into muscle tissue to help relieve Arthritis Pain, Muscle Soreness, Back, Shoulder, and Foot Pain, and is also Effective in Alleviating Skin irritations caused by Eczema and Psoriasis. 



Apply topically, directly to the area of your body that needs relief. Feel "The Butterfly Effect" in a matter of 10 minutes or Less, working to help reduce inflammation of joints and muscles.

Never touch the eyes, open wounds, or genital area after using these products, and wash hands thoroughly after application.



Warning! Do Not Use this product if you are Allergic to Any Essential Oils, Pregnant, Nursing or under the age of Six Years Old.