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New African Black Butterfly Body Bar

Net Wt. 6.0 oz 


African Black Butterfly Soap –  Created with organic skin revitalizing vitamins and minerals from GOD’S garden along with rich Butters like Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.

The African Black Butterfly Soap is an amazing body bar with several skin loving benefits.

This is an exfoliating Bar

do not put directly on Face or Skin.

Due to the nature of this product you will see a variety of color patterns and exfoliating swirl's. It’s an amazing head to toe Body Bar!


You should not use this product everyday this a three times a week Body Bar and can be drying to the skin. Use with discretion based on your skin type. 



Improve acne, skin discoloration, and skin texture with our all-natural body bar. Our gentle soap is formulated to reduce skin irritations and inflammation, as well as to deeply clean pores, alleviate razor bumps, and exfoliate. This luxurious soap is great for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry, or problematic skin.  

 This soap naturally has a subtle Clean Earthy Aroma

Why African Black Butterfly?

8 Benefits

* Protects Against Photo-Aging

The antioxidants in black soap protect the skin from free-radical damage, a common cause of premature skin aging, wrinkles, and facial lines. 

* Improves Skin Firmness 

Black soap firms and tones the skin, Improving the texture for more supple and glowing skin. 

* Fades Skin Discoloration 

Black soap helps to even out skin tone and fade brown spots and other skin discoloration. 

* Reduces Inflammation and Skin Irritations

Black soap reduces the presence of inflammation and skin irritations. It is soothing on dry and irritated skin, relieving dry patches, rashes and red areas. This soap can even be used for the scalp, improving dandruff and dryness. 

* Improves Problematic Skin 

This soap eases the symptoms of different skin conditions, especially acne. Customers that have purchased this product have said that the black soap has improved or cleared acne and blackheads, psoriasis, and eczema. 

* Provides Deep Cleansing

 Black soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that provide deep cleansing benefits. It also acts as a make up remover. 

* Alleviates Razor Bumps

It is often used by men during shaving because of the high shea butter content, which protects the skin.  

* Exfoliates

The ashes in black soap provide exfoliating properties to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. This improves fine lines, and also softens and rejuvenates rough skin. 


Lather this Bar in Hands, Towel or Pouf.

Do Not Put Directly on Face or Skin.