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Our Dead Sea Salt Detox Comes in Amazing Fragrances:

Butterfly Rose

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend 

Lavender Essential Oil Blend

Eucalyptus & Lavender Essential Oil Blend

Fresh Apple

Lemon Verbena

Milk & Honey 



 Our Customized Detoxing Dead Sea Salt Body Soaks are Formulated to:

* Detox 

* Reduce Inflammation

* Ease Stress 

* Hydrate

* Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

* Ease Muscle pain and cramps

* Deodorize the Skin 

* Stimulate Circulation  


1. Add Two Tablespoons of Detoxing Bath Salts To Running Water.

2. Make sure Salts have dissolved before getting in Tub. 

3. Soak 40 min.

3. Drink a 8 oz glass of water Before and After Bath.

                         Notes: The 3 major benefits of our Detox Salts!!!!

*You will get aches and pain relief from the soaking

*After 20 min. the salts give you a nice detox by pulling impurities and chemicals out of your system

*And finally at the 40 min. mark the salts start putting the proper minerals back into your system.

*The salts work best when you are hydrated.

Do Not Use if Pregnant!