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Simply Beautiful Luxurious Body Wash

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Simply Beautiful Luxurious Body Wash


Transforming your Mind, Body, Bath and Soul into Beautiful

Experience The Butterfly Effect with Our

All Natural, Gentle, Moisturizing & Hydrating Body Wash

Net. Wt. 8 oz


Yes, A Naturally Bubbly Body Wash at your fingertips.

Handcrafted with Avocado, Aloe & Honey.  It contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acid  and Acetic Acid to help remove , impurities, dead skin cells and Balance PH.

Our Luxurious Vitamin Blend with Fruit Oils, Aloe & Honey is an indulging 

treat for The Crown of your Head to the Soles of your Feet.

 Gently Removes dirt and dandruff from Hair and Scalp.


Helps improve symptoms of skin disorders including acne, rash, cradle cap, eczema, psoriasis, and skin dryness by helping to reduce bad bacteria and restore the skin’s PH balance. 


Help with Odor control for MEN and WOMEN in all of your private ares. 

Our Amazing Total Body Wash is full of antimicrobial and  anti inflammatory benefits.




Directions for Unscented Body Wash: 

1. Apply into Bath Water or Pouf

2. Apply to Hair or Face do not get into eyes

3. Apply to Private Parts Rub onto Skin 

4. Rinse Clean 


Directions for Scented Body Wash: 

1. Apply into Bath Water or Pouf

2. Rub onto Skin 

4. Rinse Clean 

Our Beautiful Natural Body Wash can be used from Head to Toe as a Body Wash, Hand Soap, Face Wash, Vaginal Wash, and More. 


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe and Honey.


 Warning this is not a tear free formula this is 100% natural soap

Do Not Get Product in Eyes.