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 Hawaiian Lava & Dead Sea Salt Exfoliating Face and Body Detox Mask  

 Net. Wt. 1.0 Oz




  • DEEP SKIN CLEANSING: Effective detoxifying & exfoliating facial mask Formulated to deeply cleanse and detoxify Acne and Back Acne. Our Powerful, natural clay & mud penetrate the pores and extract impurities lying deep under the skin. 
  • CLEAR COMPLEXION: This mask cleanses, detoxes and exfoliates the skin, eliminating toxins, oils and impurities that cause acne for an even and clear complexion.
  • ANTI-AGING EFFECTS: This mask increases circulation, blood flow and boosts collagen production, diminishing and helping reverse signs of aging. Our nutrient rich oil blend moisturizes dry & mature skin.
  • RELAXING & LUXURIOUS: Feel like you’re lounging in a spa from your own home with this therapeutic mask. Apply a smooth and even layer on the area to be treated, kick back and relax, let it dry for 5 minutes and let it work its natural magic.
  • Apply to Arm Pits 15 min. to Detox, Deodorize and Exfoliate dead skin cells  




You should only use this product 2 to 3 times a week.
It may cause a small breakout do to the toxins being removed from your skin. You will see results in two to three days from use.